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rune wizardServer Version: Season 14 Episode 1-2
Server UpTime: 24/7
Experience: 9999x    
Gold Party Bonus Exp: 3 ppl +10% | 4 ppl +20% | 5 ppl +30%    
Gold Party Requires: Party with diffrent classes: (BK, SM, Elf, RF, MG)    
ML Experience: 9999x    
Drop rate: 50%    
Max level: 400    
Max Master level: 700    
Max reset: 200      
Max Grand Reset: 10
Reward for Gr. Reset: 5000 Platinum Coins
Reset level: 400 level    
Keep stats: No    
Max stats: 32767    
Reset points: 500       
Reset Zen: 1000000 x Resets   
ClearPK Zen: 25000000 mil    
Stat Points per level: BM/GM/HE/Sum/RW - 6  MG/LE/FM/ML - 7    
Master Points per level: 1    
Guild Create Level: 150    
Max Guild Members: 80    
Alliance min guild members: 1    
Alliance max guilds: 3    
Lords Mix Items: Kundun boss items that are +15+2opt+luck    
Lords Mix Daily Limit: 1    
Max item level: +15+28 add       
Ancient + Excellent options: Disabled    
Sockets + Excellent options: Disabled    
Ancient + Harmony options: Disabled    
Sockets + Harmony options: Disabled    
Bless Bug: OFF    
Maximum Excellent Damage Rate: 70% (On items and skills)    
Maximum Critical Damage Rate: 80% (On items and skills)    
Maximum Damage Decrease: 60% (On items and skills)    
Maximum Reflect Rate: 60% (On items and skills)    
Character's Reflect: Reflect damage will not bypass SD    
Server events: BC / DS / Chaos Castle / Golden Invasions    
White Wizard / PVP Last Stand / Maze of Dimensions / CryWolf
Castle Siege / Selupan Boss in Raklion / Kundun Boss in Kalima 7
Erohim Boss in Land of Trials / Medusa Boss in Peace Swamp
and more    
PVP Last Stand reward: 5 boxes+5    
PVP Last Stand Register at NPC: Luke the Helper lorencia 145,140    
Castle Siege: Every Saturday 20:00h    
CryWolf: Every Tuesday and Saturday 21:25h    

Golden Invasions: Every 4 hours    
Kundun Boss: Every 2 hours (Located at Kalima 7 coord: 26,76)    
Selupan Boss: Every 2 hours (Located at Raklion coord: 172,24)    
Erohim Boss: Every 12 hours (Located at Land of Trial coord: 220,211)    
Medusa Boss: Every day at 18:00h (Located at Peace Swamp)    
Core Magrify: Every 3 hours (Located at Akeron, Nars: 150,145)    
Lord Silvester: Every 3 hours (Located at Akeron, Uruk: 127,114)    
Lord of Ferea: Every 12 hours (Located at Ferea: 28,123)    
Nix (Knicks): Every 12 hours (Located at Nixies Lake: 113,102)    
God of Darkness: Every 12 hours (Swamp of Darkness: 240,90)

Personal Store Currency: Zen    
Offtrade Currency: W Coin (Instead of Zen only when in /offtrade)    
Offtrade Allowed Map: Devias    
Ancient Items: Drop in Land of Trials and Chaos Castle

Castle Siege

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Castle Owner:
Castle Lord:
Money: 0
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 28/07/2019


Status: Protected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 200, 2nd: 150, 3rd: 100, 4th: 50, 5th: 0 [Platinum Coins]

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